Online Safety

This site has been created by mums for mums and, as we are all here for a common purpose (to make connections, share and learn from each other), we don’t expect anyone to abuse the site. However, we have put checks and processes in place to verify that users are who they say they are and to monitor member activity and forum discussions to ensure there is no inappropriate use of the site.

If you do suspect that anyone is using the site for purposes other than it is intended, please don’t hesitate to let us know (alert@meetothermums.com) and we will take confidential, instant and appropriate action.

Below are our top tips for staying safe online:

Go slowly

When you start making contact with other mums get to know them through our internal messaging system first. Once you have built up a rapport you can always arrange to have a chat over the phone or by Skype so you can sound each other out and decide whether to take the next step and arrange a meeting.

First meetings

When you arrange to meet a mum for the first time a public place is a good idea, it takes the pressure off the meeting and also affords you both with added safety and peace of mind. You could also ask a friend to phone you a short time after your scheduled meeting time to make sure everything is as expected.

Hold back

Your public profile is visible to all members so only share information you are happy for others to view. It’s good for you to let us know a bit about you so that other mums can decide who to make contact with but there is no need to share personal contact information such as phone numbers, email or addresses on your public profile – that’s why we have an internal messaging system.

Trust your insticts

Most of us have had to become internet savvy over the years and have therefore developed a nose for when things just aren’t quite right. If you get this feeling simply break-off contact. If you think a member’s behaviour is inappropriate or suspicious report them to us as soon as possible (alert@meetothermums.com).

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