Meet Other Mums FAQs

We aim to give you as much information as you need to feel happy and secure using MeetOtherMums.com so if your question isn’t here please email us at faq@meetothermums.com and we will answer your question directly and add it to this page.

How do you generate my matches?
We have developed a custom algorithm that matches criteria from your profile page with those of other mums. The key criteria is location but we also filter down on age range, number of children, stage and a few others. Our aim is to give you a list of mums in your area that you can review and decide who you want to connect with.
Why didn’t I get any matches?
MeetOtherMums was born in July 2015 and, as the first of its kind in the UK, it may take a little time to spread the word. We are working hard to reach as many mums as possible and more members are joining every day. As new members join your profile will be reviewed so new matches can come through at any time. We ask that you bear with us and help make MeetOtherMums better for everyone by inviting all your mum friends to join and encouraging them to spread the word.
Why are there advertisements on MeetOtherMums.com?
We vet our advertisers very carefully to bring you products and services that we feel will be useful and beneficial to you. Having advertisers on our site also means we are able to provide full membership benefits for free and continually invest in the site to make it even better.
Will my profile information be safe?
Yes, 100%. We will not sell or disclose your profile information to any third parties under any circumstances. We take the management of your personal information very seriously and are registered with the Information Commissioners Office under reference number ZA122274.
Can anyone see the forum discussions?
The forum discussions are visible to anyone visiting the site. However only mums who are members are able to participate in and contribute to discussions.
How do I look for other mums further afield?
We not only want you to connect with mums nearby, we also want to help you develop a national support system of mums who share your stage and parenting style. You can search the full membership directory using any of the profile criteria. Simply access the search page and select the elements important to you, we’ll do the rest.
How do I edit my profile?
You can edit your profile at any time by clicking on your profile page and clicking ‘Edit Profile’ button and then change your details. Once you have made the changes you can then select ‘submit’ .
Is it safe to meet up with mums from the site?
The aim of MeetOtherMums is to provide you with the tools needed to connect with mums both near and far. If you have made a connection with a mum and want to meet up for a playdate or coffee that is a fantastic result and means we are doing our job properly. However, we do recommend that you trust your instincts and read our section on OnlineSafety before proceeding to a face to face meeting.

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