Aside from being the most spectacular thing many of us will achieve, being a mum at any age and at any stage can also be a confusing, lonely and isolating experience. We are thrown together randomly in groups with women we have little in common with and this can sometimes increase our feelings of isolation. MeetOtherMums has been designed by mums for mums to help you create a social network of like-minded mums who are living the same miracles, milestones and monotony that being a mum entails.

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Motherhood is not a straightforward journey, there are often unexpected twists and turns along the way. MeetOtherMums is here to provide a supportive community for all women throughout their parenting journey, from the earliest stage of making the decision right through to adjusting to an empty nest and everything in between. If you are coping with infertility, about to be a first, second or third time mum, embarking on the adoption journey or dealing with depression or disability, we can help you meet other mums near and far who understand your journey first hand.


Hello lovely Mums, I’m Sally, Marketing Consultant by day, MeetOtherMums by night!  

Firstly, I'd like to start by saying thank-you for visiting our site - I hope that you enjoy reading our blogs, getting involved in the conversation and hopefully making some fantastic new mum friends along the way.

I'd also like to tell you about how MeetOtherMums was born so you can get to know me a little better and understand what this #MumTribe site is all about!

I came up with the idea for the site while making the life-changing decision on whether to start trying for a baby – I was searching the internet for groups of women who were struggling to make the decision or had infertility issues and couldn’t find any. All the groups said ‘when are you due’ ‘how old are your kids’ - and you had to fill those blanks in to join. I felt a bit left out really.

During this time, my family and I experienced one of the most earth shattering, life altering sadnesses when my beloved mum passed away.  It was the most devastating time and I needed something to pull myself together and give my life a renewed purpose.  This is when MeetOtherMums was really born!

The seed of the idea grew into a friendship site for mums of all ages at all stages so no matter who you were you could join and find women who were in a similar situation to you for chat and support.

As the idea developed, I realised the scale of the issue of isolation and loneliness for mums, and knew my site could help them combat this by giving everyone a really quick and easy way to make friends.

After months and months of development, honing the idea and making it the best it could be, I launched in August 2015.

I can scarcely believe it is coming up to MeetOtherMums 1 Year Anniversary!

My attempt at getting pregnant may have failed, I may be without my mum, but MeetOtherMums goes from strength to strength!  This is my baby, my calling, what I love doing the most! I feel very passionately that no mum should feel alone – we are all in it together and it’s so much better if we love and support each other.

I’m in this for the long haul – my mission is to eradicate Mum Loneliness, one mum at a time!

So why not join us and make your journey of motherhood a little brighter. 

With much love and admiration,



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