How we do Christmas…

Date: 28 December, 2016
Tags: holidays, co-parenting, traditions

We are not religious in our home, but do enjoy lots of Christmas traditions from putting up the tree, the music to the stupid amount of food eaten.  We particularly love Christmas films and ALWAYS watch Polar Express on Christmas Eve with a hot chocolate.  Actually, my boyfriend literally starts watching Christmas films the moment it hits the 1st December whilst I need a little longer to get into the Christmas spirit but once I'm there, I'm totally into it!

Our Christmas is probably a little different due to the fact that I have to share my son with his Dad, I think the modern word for this now is 'co-parenting' (I hate that word though) so I'm sticking with sharing.

Coby is 11 now and we've been 'sharing' Christmas since he was 3 years old so we're in a pretty good routine.  It was pretty drastic at first but we split Christmas equally.  One year I'll have Coby for the first half the holidays and the following year I'll have him the second half.  I realised that not doing this and splitting up Christmas day was just going to be exhausting, not just on us parents, but also on Coby.  I wanted him to have quality time with both his families and this seemed the most obvious way.  It also meant that when it was my turn for the 1st part of the holidays that I could go home to York if I ever wanted.  Luckily, we have the same routine with my step-daughter Lucy too, so our Christmas Day this year is actually the 28th December - we do the whole shebang ALL on that date!

Just before Christmas we'll usually also do a few things to get us all 'in the mood'.  Last year we painted pottery and this year we went over to Brown Bear Bakery in Wokingham, run by the lovely Michelle and made gingerbread houses! Check these babies out... YUM!

Lucy also came on one of my Christmas cupcake classes which was really nice... even the crazy, sugar induced 30 minutes in the afternoon where she literally chewed everyone's ears off after eating a huge lump of fondant!

On the 25th we'll celebrate in our own less chaotic way! A nice lie in - (cant wait), some yummy breakfast and of course presents.  We won't cook a Christmas dinner though - there's no way I'm cooking that beast twice! For me, the magic of Christmas lives on in our children and there's no way we could celebrate properly without them.  Previous years we've even gone away which is really nice.  Tivoli Gardens at Christmas in Copenhagen is highly recommended if you ever go.

So, I guess the point of this post is to just remind people that there is no right or wrong way in how you celebrate Christmas, no 'normal' way either. It's what works for you. Some people find our way bonkers, but for us it's just right and every year we know exactly where we stand and what to expect.

I am so looking forward to switching off and enjoying some quality time with my family and I can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring.

Natalie xx


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