Ode to Gina Ford

Date: 17 September, 2017
Tags: gina ford, routine, sleep routine, happy baby

Being a mum in this world is much like anything, everybody does it differently and when mums meet up we talk about what works and what doesn’t, in our opinions.

One thing that has worked for me is Gina Ford and I know there are different opinions and I fully respect everyone’s experience but I’ve had a positive experience and would like to speak up for it. This is especially as it gets pitched against attachment parenting and from my experience Grace and I have bonded and she feels secure; she has never had to ‘cry out’, I believe she benefits from a healthy sleep pattern and I make use of her regular nap times and night sleeps. So thank you Gina Ford for my contented baby.

Ode to Gina Ford

There was so much to remember but it worked a charm, 

All I had to do was set a wake-eat-sleep alarm. 

I haven’t had a timetable since I was at school 

And if you’re doing Gina Ford, it seemed uncool 

But when I got to eight weeks and she slept (smile) through. 

Then I strung a sentence together. I thought this will do. 

From the start she was trained to fall asleep on her own. 

No rocking or holding, learning she could do it alone. 

And a light sleep to deep sleep, without me jumping in. 

She took her naps and I rested, contented, a win. 

She never had to cry out, she knew no other way, 

She was contented to expect the same everyday. 

Now that’s security, an attachment Bowlby dream; 

She was provided for under a Gina regime. 

She took my milk but theirs so much she didn’t need me for 

And I’m so happy to have built a healthy rapport. 

Mama Grace



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