Choosing a Baby Name

Date: 23 September, 2017
Tags: baby names

Choosing a name for your baby, where do you begin?!

Over the years, we've met many people with names of all varieties, and I'm sure we all have a few names that remind us of 'that person' - and with hundreds and thousands of names to choose from, how do you whittle them down to just one? It's no easy process, especially if there's two of you that have to agree on the name! 

It's a big decision to make, this name will be stuck with your baby forever, it will be called/yelled/shouted/cried at/pleaded with, and all the rest of it!

Having been there twice, I know it's no easy feat deciding on a name, so here's my 10-step process I used to narrow the playing field down:

  1. There are many "Top 100 Names" websites and "Top Baby Names of The Year" books that you can trawl through. Grab a pen and paper, get comfy and make a list of 'definitely like' and 'possibly.'  Ask your partner (if you have one) to make a list too. (Note, you don't have to use these websites or books - you could just write down names you like off the top of your head too!)
  2. Compare lists, have you both written the same names down? If not, swap lists and cross out the names you don't like, and order the remaining ones from favourite to least favourite. (If you're keeping the gender a surprise, make a list for both boy and girls names!)
  3. Are there traditions in the family you'd like to continue? (In my family, the name William has been a middle name for the men on my dads side for generations!)
  4. Check the names you like will fit with the surname. Names can be a bit of a mouthful too, so take into consideration the syllables too!
  5. Initials. Are the names going to spell out funny/rude words with the initials?
  6. Can the name be shortened, changed or rhymed with another word that may be unkind? 
  7. Google potential names to see if a celebrity or someone famous has the same name.
  8. Okay this isn't quite a helpful tip on how to name the baby, but I feel it's super important. This is your baby. So your mother-in-law or brother or best friend doesn't like the choices you've chosen, it's not their baby. It's yours. If you love the name, then go for it. Don't let someone else sway you because 'they don't like it.' 
  9. Have a few back-up names. I know that sounds silly after all the trouble you go through deciding on one, but many people will say their baby 'just didn't look like the name they'd chosen.'
  10. Bear in mind, in England, Wales & Northern Ireland, you have 42 days after the baby is born to register their birth, so if you are still completely stumped when the baby arrives, you have some time to get to know your baby and look at them and then decide on a name.

Good luck, I hope this helps you! 

Becky x



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