Who Stole the Blogging Mojo?

Date: 20 April, 2017
Tags: blogging, mummy blogger, blogger, creativity, mojo

In my role as keeper of the key at MeetOtherMums, I am privileged enough to work with loads of fantastic and inspirational mummy bloggers.  I consider it a perk of the job that I get to read so many fantastic blogs that make me laugh and cry, teach me so much and give me a shining little insight into life as a mum.

But lately something has happened.

Mummy bloggers are losing their blogging mojo, becoming disillusioned with the blogging world, even closing down their blogs altogether.

And this makes me sad.  And a bit mad.

So my question is, where has the blogging mojo gone, and can we get it back?

Lately it seems that blogging has become something of a competitive sport and the pressure can be a bit overwhelming.

The pressure to:

  • come up with unique and creative ideas for blogs
  • be witty and insightful
  • accompany all blogs with stunningly perfect photography
  • promote your blogs across all social media channels
  • use fun and creative ways to draw people to your blog
  • engage with others across social media
  • post blogs to linkys and read and comment on loads of other blogs
  • attract brands to your blogs
  • figure out how to work with brands and how to sell your service
  • work out that you are now a brand and should act accordingly
  • get the most visitor numbers and sponsored post opportunities

... I really could go on …

But is this fundamentally what it’s all about?

Is this why we all got into blogging in the first place?

Or did we get into blogging as a way to share a little glimpse into our daily lives as parents?    

To give an honest insight into the highs and lows of motherhood. 

To have a creative outlet, put it all in writing, have five minutes to ourselves to actually write something!

Was it to feel that we are not alone? That there are others out there who feel the same, who will offer understanding and support, who will relate to our latest poonami or toddler tantrum…

Isn’t that why we are bloggers?

So why am I writing this? 

Why the rant? 

Well, I’m hoping that something in these words will help you rediscover why you started your blog in the first place.  And once you make that rediscovery, I urge you to hold that reason close to your heart and never let it go.  Block out the distractions, comparisons, the desire for the perfect blog and to get back to what you love.

Write about you, your life, motherhood…write about what you think and feel…write about what you know.

Each of you bring so much joy into my life, and every time one of you stops blogging because of pressure and becoming disillusioned, a little light is extinguished.

Sounds pretty dramatic but it’s true.

So please take a deep breath, open a fresh page, and write about whatever the hell you please!

With much love and appreciation,





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Lucy At Home 24 April 2017

I'm so glad I've come across this blog this week! Having been blogging (and loving it) for almost a year, I decided to join Instagram yesterday and it sent me reeling. I just know that I can't compete there. I've discovered that all the bloggers that I thought I was on a par with (because we have similar twitter followers and join the same linkies and have been going for a similar amount of time) have a massive instagram presence too and so I'm waaaay behind. It really knocked my confidence and I the thought has crossed my mind to quit - I feel like the task is just too overwhelming and I can't keep up. So I'm reading your post at just the right time. Thank you so much for reminding me why I started blogging. Thank you for reassuring me that my blog has value because it means something to me, even if brands aren't fighting to work with me yet. And also congratulations because someone loved this post so much that they added it to the #blogcrush linky!

Becky - MommyandRory 23 April 2017

At times I've felt like quitting but then I think back to why I started. It easy to feel overwhelmed but this is such a lovely post that will hopefully keep people going who are feeling a little off track #blogcrush

Nicole - Tales from Mamaville 21 April 2017

Sorry, forgot to mention, popping in from #BlogCrush

Nicole - Tales from Mamaville 21 April 2017

This is such a refreshing post to read Sally. Yes, you are so correct, most of us start blogging as an outlet, a place to connect and rant with other mums, a place to be ourselves, but eventually building a brand and stats and numbers and DA and the like catch up, and take the joy out of it. Rather, put too much pressure on it. It's important to find a balance and enjoy the blogging experience - the rest will follow!

The Fat Girl 21 April 2017

I love this, i have only ever written posts for myself (as can probably be told when reading them!) but loved getting involved in challenges and meeting new bloggers. Hope this post helps some people get back to why they started blogging and enjoy it much more! #blogcrush

Rhyming with Wine 20 April 2017

I have so much love for this Sally. It's amazing and sometimes quite overwhelming how quickly a passion for writing can become engulfed in a fierce completion for stats and followers. The community is incredible and it's what keeps me going, but I so often feel under too much pressure to come up with the perfect SEO green light centric piece. It can hoover the fun and the creativity out of it all. Love what you've written here. Thank you xx


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