Travelling with a baby

Date: 17 September, 2017
Tags: travel, baby, family

A few weekends ago we took the train from London Kings X to Edinburgh. This was baby L's first time on a train, so we were going in at the deep end. I had no idea how he would be, all I did know, was that we had booked our tickets quite far in advance and managed to get reasonably priced first class tickets on the Virgin train and I would totally recommend doing that if you can online.

Leonardo was awake when we got on the train, our train was at around lunchtime, so I had prepared something that I knew he would like, it's his current favourite and I took it hot in plastic tupperware, so by the time I was ready to feed him, it would be warm enough. He then had his snacks, water and was very wriggly, we sat in a seat of 4 with a table in the middle and if you're travelling with just two adults, I would suggest booking the single two seats, especially with a baby, there is more room and you don't have to keep apologising for your baby touching the couple opposite's food!

We took the chassy part of the buggy and clipped the car seat on top, I hadn't done this before for a long period, so I felt a bit anxious leaving the seat of the bugaboo behind, but it was a great last minute decision, especially as we were in and out of taxis and friends cars whilst on our trip.

I eventually got baby L to sleep half way through the journey by disappearing to the lobby and pushing him in the buggy to get him to sleep. Once he was asleep, we took the car seat off and brought it into the carriage with us and the car seat fit very nicely behind our seat and next to the lady behind us who was sitting on a single seat and who was also very helpful and nice!

When baby L woke up, I had an Ella's kitchen pouch ready to feed him, I tried to get it heated up by the train staff but be warned that they are not allowed to do this and wouldnt let me sit the pouch in warm water as it was against their rules, I didn't know this, so be aware of this. Baby L won't eat an Ella's Kitchen pouch cold unless it's fruit, so this was tricky as I had no plan b apart from snacks, so the snacks saved us.

Overall, it was a real stress free way of travelling, we had a suitcase with us, but I packed another outfit in his baby bag, I also brought his favourite toys and took them out in stages, I think if we were going to travel on the train again, now that he's a bit older, I might have to bring the ipad with a few episodes of Peppa Pig!

My top 5 life savers for travelling on the train were;

  1. Kiddylicious Wafers

2. Ella's Kitchen Melty Puffs 

3. Nuby Icybite Teething Keys

4. Munchkin Cup 

5. Cotton Blanket 

I definitely preferred travelling this way than on the plane, it's great as you can just leave your luggage in the front carriage and have your stuff to hand. You can also walk up and down the train if you need to, or push the buggy in the lobby. I will definitely be travelling this way more often.

Love DD xX



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