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About Me

Leaky boobs, sleepless nights and multiple meltdowns, parenting is full of challenges.

When Little O was born, it soon became clear that throughout my journey on the mother-ship I would encounter hiccups galore, and it took some time before I was comfortable accepting myself as 'Mum'.

As a qualified teacher, I had secretly hoped that my prior experience of educating other peoples' children would assist me in managing my own... Err... not really. Still, as time has ticked by, I've learnt how to adapt my classroom skills to use at home and Little O and I are finally on our way to living happily ever after... I hope. (I might retract that sentence... wouldn't want to tempt fate!)

If you ever hear yourself saying, 'Just let him put the towel over his face,' (Peekaboo after bath time is still a necessity in our house) or asking, 'Have you done a poo?' countless times a day, then you're in the right place. The Fairytale Mum tracks the highs and lows of raising children. My other blog, The Fairytale Bride, was shortlisted for Best Rising Star at the 2016 Wedding Blog Awards. Both blogs reveal genuine truths, real inspiration and honest reviews of their respective themes.

I truly hope you enjoy reading The Fairytale Mum. My sidekick and muse is Little O, so you can expect to see his cheeky face and opinions crop up from time to time too. Please share the posts that tickle you or that you find helpful and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram using @TheFairytaleMum. Happy parenting!



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