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About Me

I am a Mum of two Harvey (6) and Grace (8).

I write my blogs to inspire other mums to make time for themselves to workout and eat well along with ways to keep the kids active too.

My reason for doing this?  I have always loved fitness and nutrition from a young age, being a dancer and dragged to every 80's style aerobics class with my mum and being put on every diet going like the lemon juice diet, the broth diet, the drink water for a day diet.  In my later teenage years my mum had me trying them all...Not that I needed too, I just wanted to join in with my mum and like most teenage girls in the 90's was conscious of my shape.

I later put myself through university and studied for a degree in Health related exercise and fitness at Leeds age 24 after spending a few years travelling around dancing in shows.

I owned and ran 3 different and successful fitness studios, but discovered as the kids are growing up and time is moving way too fast it was taking up too much of my time away from the kids, being away in the evenings and weekends to fit in with everyone else's free time was not doing me or my family any good.

There were also some challenges along the way that I had to overcome like anxiety and OCD, which I did, it took 3 years with some therapy and some medication. That's a whole different story...

So January 2016 I hired myself a life coach got my act together, made some life changing decisions and here we are blogging and setting up my new business The Mummy and Me Club http://www.mummyandmeclub.com/blog/ 

I want other mums to know that they are doing a good job, that they are enough and they are not alone on this crazy journey of motherhood.



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