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Take the #MumSquadChallenge:

Wouldn't it be great if you had your very own Mum Squad? A group of mums who live in your local area who are there for each other, support each other, help each other out. Friends who know what it's like to have little ones, who can relate and empathise with whatever you are going through, someone to pick up the phone to when you just need a rant / cry / laugh...!?

It is my goal to help mums create this support system for themselves. This is why I created MeetOtherMums!

So...The Challenge: create a free profile / log in, create a Group called [Location] MumSquad (eg Leeds MumSquad).  Once your Group is set up go to the Search page - find all the mums in your local area - there will be a link to invite them to your new group. If you encounter any technical problems let me know (sally@meetothermums.com) and I'll help out.

Come on Mums...let's all step up and be there for each other, we all need a MumSquad!

Lots of love and admiration,



Motherhood is not a straightforward journey, there are often unexpected twists and turns along the way. Meet Other Mums is here to provide a supportive community for all women throughout their parenting journey, from the earliest stage of making the decision right through to adjusting to an empty nest and everything in between. If you are coping with infertility, about to be a first, second or third time mum, embarking on the adoption journey or dealing with depression or disability, we can help you meet other mums near and far who understand your journey first hand.


Aside from being the most spectacular thing many of us will achieve, being a mum at any age and at any stage can also be a confusing, lonely and isolating experience. We are thrown together randomly in groups with women we have little in common with and this can sometimes increase our feelings of isolation. Meet Other Mums has been designed by mums for mums to help you create a social network of like-minded mums who are living the same miracles, milestones and monotony that being a mum entails.

Join us now to meet mum friends.

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